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Xavier Laballós



Co-fundador de Growth Hacking, el curso líder en español sobre Growth Marketing y Growth Hacking. ❤️Entrepreneur at-heart, 🚀Growth Hacker 24X7 and 🔬 Data Driven always My vocation is understanding why people do what they do from different perspectives. I love to work on product, growth, and marketing My specialities are: product management, user acquisition, virality, growth hacking, product design, product development, user interface design, marketing, leadership, analytics, data analysis, PR, inbound marketing, consumer insights, user experience. I play well in environments that use creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to explore and grow exposure, leads and opportunities. Growth Hacking, is the leading Spanish language course on Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking, rated 4.9 out of 5 by our more than 300 students from companies such as BNEXT, Fintonic, Cabify, Spotahome, HolaLuz, Social Point, Marfeel , Freepik, Iron Hack or Carto. From our agency we help companies to grow thanks to the Growth Hacking methodology

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