PrestaShop Connect Warsaw


Thursday 7 September 2023

The Tides  - Warsaw - 9am-7pm


Discover the must-attend event for commerce entrepreneurs! 

PrestaShop, the leading global ecommerce company serving customers in over 190 countries, introduces the PrestaShop Connect Warsaw. 

Discover how PrestaShop offers inclusive, customizable, scalable and well-supported solutions, to empower each entrepreneur to fully own, control and grow their online store. Experience inspiring keynote speeches, interactive workshops and exciting networking sessions on the trends and future of commerce. 

Join us and connect with passionate experts, industry innovators and key decision-makers. It’s time to position your company at the forefront of the ecommerce revolution! 

Empower yourself with knowledge, forge valuable connections and access essential resources to optimize your e-commerce strategies and propel your business:

Specialized Expertise

You will gain access to top-notch expertise in e-commerce. Industry experts will share their in-depth knowledge, best practices, and proven strategies to help you enhance your business performance.

High-Quality Networking

PrestaShop Connect Warsaw will bring together a vibrant community of e-commerce professionals, providing valuable networking opportunities. Connect with industry peers, potential partners and key decision-makers; fostering collaborations and opening doors for future business growth.

Latest Industry Insights

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, innovations and market developments in e-commerce, in Poland but also in the world. Gain valuable insights into emerging technologies, consumer behaviors and disruptive strategies that can give you a competitive edge in the industry.

Practical Workshops and Sessions

Engage in interactive workshops, hands-on sessions and informative panel discussions designed to provide practical insights and actionable takeaways. Acquire new skills, explore innovative solutions and address specific challenges faced by e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Business Opportunities

Discover potential business opportunities, partnerships and collaborations with industry-leading companies. Explore new markets, expand your customer base and identify avenues for growth and diversification in the e-commerce landscape.

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