PrestaShop Connect Warsaw sp. z o.o.

An e-commerce agency with a UX Certificate. On the market for over a dozen years. PrestaShop Partner creating online stores and offering technical support for them. As a web-based agency we have been operating for 20 years. Creating a websites (WordPress) and online stores (constantly PrestaShop) we are focusing on the details, new approaches to the subject, and above all – on the needs of the customer. E-commerce – we worked with online stores on every possible side. Currently, as a creators, partly as a seller, but also as an administrators and content developers. We gave our hearts to this industry and we cannot imagine working anywhere else. Therefore, each our project is an individual thing for us, over which we think not only during working hours. Usability – in all our projects, we focus primarily on their usefulness. Websites has to be simple and user-friendly. Therefore, we are interested in this since forever and we try to improve in this area. Content Marketing and SEO – « content is a king » as the wise people says. That is why we focus not only on the form of our projects but also on the content that is important for Google. Social Media is a powerful weapon in building customer loyalty and awareness of the brand. That’s why we are very active on Facebook, we have our YouTube channel and we write a specialist blog on which we share our knowledge. All in One – in addition to web services we also provide a number of others. Along with the website you will receive dedicated hosting, domain and technical support for your e-commerce.