PrestaShop Day 2021



Clearpay is the world's leading fractional payment solution, allowing customers to pay for their purchases in four seamless installments, with no hidden fees or costs. It's a simple and intuitive experience, with just a few steps and no paperwork or documentation required. We have created an ecosystem in which our merchant partners also benefit. We take care of the fraud risk, and pay the full amount of the order the day after the purchase. Offering Clearpay allows e-merchants to benefit from New customers, mainly Millenials and Generation Z. Improved conversion rates by an average of 20%. A 20-30% increase in average shopping carts. An acceleration of the purchase frequency. A reduction in the return rate. But Clearpay is more than just a payment solution. We provide our partners with a co-marketing program to drive qualified traffic to their online store and improve business performance. You want more information? Contact us on our website

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