PrestaShop Day Mexico City


Wilson Alba


Co-Founder & Tech Leader


Co-founder of Rolige eCommerce Solutions, PrestaShop partner agency with platinum level certification. He has developed his career primarily in the development of management system and electronic commerce applications. He has more than 8 years of experience working specifically on the PrestaShop platform, of which he is a certified developer. To his trajectory there are more than a hundred of developed modules, many of them certified and validated by PrestaShop Addons. He has been a Rolige CTO since its foundation, a company that has helped dozens of merchants successfully launch their online stores not only in Mexico, but also in Chile, Colombia and Spain. It has successfully integrated the main Mexican couriers to online shops and several others in Spain, France, Canada, the United States, Chile, Colombia and Peru. He had his degree as an engineer at the University of Informatics Science in Havana, Cuba. Later he played different roles within development teams as a programmer, implant and software architect in projects inside and outside Cuba. At the same time he shared his responsibilities as a university teacher.

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