PrestaShop Day Milan


Tiziano Barbagallo


Country Manager Italy


Tiziano started as Country Manager Italy at Datatrics from January 2019, setting up the local team, launching the platform in the Italian market and developing the market share in terms of revenues and clients. Tiziano has 9+ years of experience in Digital and Telecommunication industries. He has been for 5 years in the Schibsted Media Group, in 2017 as Country Manager of the price comparison Pagomeno, that he launched in Italy, and previously as Business Development Manager at Subito. Earlier, he has worked for 4 years at Vodafone Italy as Senior Project Manager in the corporate market. Datatrics Datatrics is a DMP for marketers where you can connect all your internal data sources. Datatrics adds external data sources and brings all data together to create 360 degree customer profiles. Based on those profiles, you can target customers with relevant and personalized content along their customer journey. The dynamic content can be used on your website, in emails and in advertising. By being more relevant along the entire customer journey of each unique visitor, Datatrics increases your reach, conversion, customer loyalty and engagement.

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