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HiPay is a global payment provider that, thanks to the successful combination of technological innovation and specific skills, processes more than € 2 billion per year in 150 countries and offers to merchants more than 220 of local and international payment methods to make sure users can purchase worldwide with their preferred currency. Furthermore, HiPay owns two European banking licenses: E-money issuer and Payment Institution to support the needs of its customers. Going beyond the simple online transaction, in the last year the international Fintech Group has developed two unique products for its customers: HiPay Intelligence and HiPay Sentinel. Thanks to the use of HiPay Intelligence, conversions can be increased through the punctual analysis of payment data. HiPay Sentinel is the advanced anti-fraud system available within the platform, that allows the team to support the business of its customers in order to increase revenues, success rate and to limit the risks of fraud. Through the anti-fraud system and the use of Machine Learning technology, it is possible to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions and chargebacks before they occur. The platform also allows to combine an unlimited number of rules with more than 80 filters such as device fingerprints, customer data, payment data and customer lists.

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