PrestaShop Day Milan


Mauro Brignoni


Founder & CEO


Mauro Brignoni, trained at the Istituto Superiore di Scienze Motorie in Milan, has established himself in the world of sport as an athlete and entrepreneur, creating and managing various sports facilities and chains of fitness centers. From a specific market need, he designed, developed and marketed Gympay, the first payment system, in the fitness market, for the sale of installments of subscription services with recurring charge on credit cards. Founder & CEO of the innovative start-up Small Pay, a company specializing in the installment of digital and online payments. SmallPay A company specializing in digital payment support services with a specific know-how for installment payments in recurring debits on credit cardsSmall Pay has designed and developed Gympay, the payment interface that allows you to take full advantage of the potential of the use of credit cards as a support in the installment sale of subscription services for fitness and in the world of services in general.

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