PrestaShop Day Online France 2020

Stream Your Tech Part 2

Oct 20 13:30 - 17:30

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The Stream Team is back with : 13h30-14h30 : Simon Garny and Boubker Bribri to talk about "UI Tests" 14h30-15h30 : Jonathan Lelievre to talk about "Xdebug" 15h30-16h00 : YOUR moment : ask our Stream Team anything you want 16h00-16h45 - Jocelyn Fournier to talk about "Performance" 16h45-17h15 - Little surprised from the Stream Team to you 17h15-17h30 - Closing speech of the stream! Warm thank you to all of you! Too early for Part 2? You can first 1st part here :

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