PrestaShop Day Warsaw

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That CMS (Content Management Software) and that Community led PrestaShop to organize Events to connect everyone for a better eCommerce : the PrestaShop Days and the PrestaShop Connects are the main eCommerce rendez-vous of the year. PrestaShop also participates as an exhibitor and/or speaker in the industry Trade-Shows such as dmexco, Internet World, Paris Retail Week, Symfony Tour, France Digitale Day, Paris Open Source Summit, Netcomm Forum, IRCE Chicago, eCommerce Day Chile, eCommerce Day Buenos Aires, eShow México, ECSE Mexico and others.  

The PrestaShop Day PSD

The PrestaShop Day or PSD is PrestaShop’s historic event that gathers e-commerce professionals around multiple goals and formats: teaching and learning about e-commerce trends during conferences and workshops, getting tips, advices and best practices from our partners and agencies but also from our contributors, ambassadors and PrestaShop teams. At PrestaShop Day, we help entrepreneurs and start-ups grow their business, share experiences, boost their sales, network and build connections that is eventually part of the e-commerce and PrestaShop community. The PrestaShop Day takes place in major cities around the world: PrestaShop Day Paris, PrestaShop Day Madrid, PrestaShop Day Milan, PrestaShop Day Warsaw and PrestaShop Day Mexico City.

The PrestaShop Connect PSConnect/PSC 

The PrestaShop Connect or PSConnect/PSC is the new concept and format of PrestaShop. More local, happening in regions and more personalized. It has the same ambition as the PrestaShop Day : bring together e-commerce experts for a day in their areas all year long which give many opportunities to meet, either in major or minor cities such as PrestaShop Connect Lyon, PrestaShop Connect Rome, PrestaShop Connect Bogotá, PrestaShop Connect Barcelona and PrestaShop Connect Baltics.