PrestaShop Day Warsaw

Nov 05 | 09:45 - 10:45

How Does It Cost You to Loose a Client? How Much Does it Cost You Get a New One? Customer Loyalty is like Yeti - Everyone Is Talking about it, but not Many Has Experience That.

Room: Conference Room


During this speech you will learn how Customer Service translates into customer loyalty. In addition, the speaker will address the following topics: Customer Care and Customer Experience what it really means in practice Customer expectations in after-sales service The WOW effect - it role in Customer Service Emotions and experience as a factor in making future purchasing decisions Building customer loyalty How to effectively measure customer loyalty? How many and what indicators to use? Has a Customer Service be a cost center only? And all this based on the 20 years of experience of the Presenter as the head of Customer Service and Sales departments of companies such as Google, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, G2A. Speaker at industry conferences in Poland and EMEA, consultant and investor.