PrestaShop Developer Conference

[EN] Optimization of the development of PrestaShop stores and modules through the CI/CD process

Nov 30, 2023 | 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM


In this session, we'll show how at Waynet, we've managed to unify our approach to work using our CI/CD process and tools, thereby speeding up work and minimizing human error. Waynet works with dozens of stores on PrestaShop every day, with a team of more than 20 people and in cooperation with external companies. We will go over our strategies including: - How we use Git and Gitlab and how we moved from 'repository as environment' to 'single repository' organization - Our internal library connected with Composer allowing us to keep in the version control system changes in database structure, hook settings, module configuration, CMS content etc. - What own scripts we use to automate daily work on multiple projects simultaneously - How we take care of code quality and security based on linter, PSR, php-cs-fixer, SAST, Nuclei, OpenVAS, APM and our PrestaShop vulnerabilities scanner - How we optimized implementations of new stores based on the Falcon project - How we use our own Runners using the Kubernetes cluster to build and deliver projects in a unified way and enable them to work on different environments. We will also show an example of using CI/CD in the process of creating a module on Addons Marketplace.

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