PrestaShop (e)Commerce Week


Nicolas D'Andrade

Mercado Libre

Sr. Marketing Product Owner


I'm passionate about Digital Marketing & Education. I see myself as an intelectual, and I'm absolutely curious about technology. That's why I love solving problems and moving forward. That spirit has led me to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Literature that landed on a greater interest in digital products and their go-to-market strategies within social media, display, search engine marketing and digital media. I have +8 years of experience in the ecommerce world in companies such as Garbarino, where I executed 360° marketing campaigns; Almundo, where I excelled as the programmatic & Paid Social Owner leading the Display Marketing team, negotiating and closing deals with largely known digital newspapers in Latin America. And finally I arrived at Mercado Libre (MELI:NASDAQ). Here I'm growing professionally as a Sr. Marketing Product Owner, largely focused on data-driven experiments for the Acquisition Marketing and SEO teams. I apply agile methodologies and Six Sigma techniques on a daily basis so as to cut through problems and attack them from an open-minded point of view. I love working with a team, leading and teaching them. I consider myself a teacher in every aspect of my life, so I tend to learn to teach, and I coach so that others may exceed expectations and succeed.

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