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About us Outbrain is the world’s discovery feed technology for the open web supported by the only end-to-end native advertising stack for publishers and advertisers. We make the discovery of content, products, and services possible. A third of the world’s internet-connected population explore and discover information through our feed technology, which is trusted by emerging to established brands and integrated into thousands of media companies’ tech stacks to manage and monetize their publishing operations. Outbrain operates in 55 countries and is headquartered in New York City with offices in 18 cities worldwide. What We Do for Advertisers Outbrain connects advertisers to over 1 billion people on the open web. Our feed technology powers the exploration & discovery of content, products & services for over ⅓ of the world’s internet-connected population. Advertisers, from emerging to global brands, leverage our in-feed native placements and proprietary interest-targeting capabilities to build brand awareness, drive performance and ROAS outside of the walled gardens.We help businesses get discovered by the right people natively that inspire ideas and action. What We Do for Media Companies & Publishers Outbrain helps media companies & publishers better manage, control and monetize their content on the open web. Our discovery feed technology is a foundational component to publishers’ tech stacks freeing them from the constraints of the walled gardens so they can achieve their audience acquisition, engagement, and retention objectives across their digital properties. Our feed is powered by native advertising and our proprietary interest-targeting data, creating a personalized editorial experience for consumers.

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