PrestaShop (e)Commerce Week

Waukin Media

We are an agency specialized in SEO and SEM. We seek to grow together with our clients. Why Waukin Media? Because Waukin Media is an agency specializing in digital marketing. Because hiring a professional pays off. Improvise a marketing plan no. Because marketing is not the core of your business. And you want to leave it in good hands. No one can guarantee success. But we are used to working with online stores and we know how to focus on the important things. Because we know what your business needs to be successful on the Internet. Marketing services offered by Waukin Media Google Ads: Waukin Media is a Google Partner agency. We manage your Google Ads campaigns to boost your business. Web Analytics: we measure your business and make it more profitable. You will know how to improve your store to increase your sales. SEO: Improving your SEO on Google will give you more visibility in the search results and will improve your income by getting more visits to your website. Ecommerce Consulting: We will analyze your online store and increase your income by making your business more profitable.

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